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In addition to the Bender machines, I also maintain, repair and calibrate many different pieces of equipment. The company I work for happens to have a large amount of Schleuniger machinery that needs constant maintenance. I regularly work on SR-1000, SR9500, CS5500, MP257, and MP8015 machines. As I take interesting pictures of the machines or document their repairs, I will add them to this section for others to follow. If you have any questions, feel free to ask 🙂



  • A.R. (2 years)

    Good Morning
    You can help me on a SCHLEUNIGER MP 8015?

  • Marianne (2 years)

    Who has MP257’s. Write to Marianne

  • Marianne (4 years)

    We are still looking for an MP 257 or better. Thanks, Marianne

  • Marianne (4 years)

    We continue looking for an MP 257 coax stripper or equivalent. Thanks, Marianne:

  • Marianne (4 years)

    Any MP 257 [or equivalent coax stripper] for sale? Thanks, Marianne.

  • bigpeach (4 years)

    Any interest in a couple of wire strippers, Schleuniger Power strip 9500 and an MP-8015

    • Ken (4 years)

      Big Peach

      I am interested in your PS9500 and maybe MP8015

      • Greg (2 years)

        I have PS9500, PF2000, MP257s, JS8300s, CS9100, CP1250s, OC3950s, UC3750s, Kappa 230,

    • FishGuy876 (4 years)


      I might be interested in some, I have sent you an email for more information. Thanks.

    • Jeff Brownlee (3 years)

      are these still available? please advise asap

    • Kenny (2 years)

      Big Peach,
      I am currently rebuilding 3 MP8015 machines all come with a complete 1 year warranty. I am also in the process of rebuilding a PS9500 and a PS9500RS

  • kevin (4 years)

    Hi Andy,

    Are you able to fix schleuniger HC 207 units?


    • FishGuy876 (4 years)


      Unfortunately, I don’t fix these directly. Perhaps Schleuniger can still fix this for you?

  • Dr. Myers (4 years)

    I am looking for 1 or 2 working MP257

    • Ken (4 years)

      Hi Dr. Meyers,

      I have a completely refurbished MP257 in almost new condition for sale.

  • Ken (4 years)

    Hi Anita,

    I have a completely refurbished MP257. In excellent condition.

  • Ricardo Lopez (5 years)

    Hey fishguy i was hoping you could send me a copy of your sr-1000 key pointing blade alignment tool drawing, if possible. We have two SR1000′s that these would come in handy for quick adjustments..

    Thank you in advance.

  • Dave Curtis (5 years)

    Hey Brother, I am in awe as to the extent of your knowledge and alignment fixturing relating to the serviceing of Schleuniger equipment. Our company owns 2 SR-1000s. We have a manual, and a few of the basic tools it calls-out for replacing blades, but I had no idea! Anyway, if ever you have an SR-1000 for sale we would give it a good home and little squirming over price. Also if you provide servicing of these should we ever need it. Please let me know.


  • Kenny (5 years)

    You guys might want to look at the Nitronic ST730 equipment. Also the ST215 for small wires up to 46awg it does a super job. No nicks on the conductor or flags / tails left on insulation.

  • Kenny (5 years)

    Wow, I wish I found you guys earlier. I just unloaded my my last MP8015. I have 3 more coming in soon though. a couple 9400 machines 8 MP257s rebuilding and SR1000 and some old 207 machines for customers.

  • FishGuy876 (5 years)


    At this point I have no 8015’s to sell, and wouldn’t mind trying to find a few extra to buy myself 🙂 Thanks!

    • Ken (4 years)

      I just put up for sale a Schleuniger MP8015 machine, completely rebuilt by the Original Manufacturer (Nitronic AG). Comes with a complete 1 year warranty.

    • bigpeach (4 years)

      Interested in one of these at the moment?

  • statara (5 years)

    Dear All,

    Our comapny is looking for used but still working schleuniger MP8015 if price is resonable. Please let me know if you are interested?

    • ken (5 years)

      I have an MP8015 completely refurbished to almost brand new condition. Comes complete with a 1 year warranty

    • bigpeach (4 years)

      Are you still looking for any of these after 2 years ??

  • FishGuy876 (5 years)

    I currently have 2 of these machines that we rarely use at this time, so at this point we are not looking to buy another. Thanks!

  • Jason Pollard (5 years)

    i have a schleuniger MP257 that i am selling would you be interested in this i can supply full details of the machine in great working order.

    feel free to email me back

    • Anita (4 years)

      Hi Jason,
      I’m looking for an MP257 for a university lab. Would you email me back?

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