When I moved into the new house I bought a snowblower from the neighbours the exact same day for a hundred bucks. It needed some work, which I was able to complete, but until this weekend we never really had any snow to use it with. Finally, I was able to use it after two years of waiting and I can honestly say that I am very impressed with it!

Amongst many things, the snowblower needed some work on the engine. A lot of work on the engine. Im pretty sure the oil that was in it was from the factory, and had been there for quite a few years. When it was drained for the very first time it looked like black treacle. It wasn’t until the 2nd time I drained it that I could really see that it was full of metal fragments. In fact, I spent a couple of days working on this specific problem and probbably changed the oil a dozen times in all.

This weekend was quite brutal, we got a total of around 18 inches of snow over 3 days and it was nice to get to use the machine. I tried to capture some earlier videos and they didnt turn out so good. Not only did I take care of my property line, but also 3 of the neighbours. Im not a pro at using this thing yet, but it definately showed me that it was more than capable of moving significant depths of snow very quickly.