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Telling Git To Ignore File Permissions


So, I have been having issues with git and repos. Im still extremely new to git (having used subversion for years) so every once in a while I run into something that makes me want to keep going back to svn. Today was such a day when I discovered that git didn’t like that some of the permissions had changed on the files within my repos.

Most of this problem for me occurs from working on files both in Linux and Windows, so its natural that samba will change some of these permissions. So, after reading the manual for a while, I discovered I could issue the following:

git config core.filemode false

This will instruct git to ignore changes to file permissions! Yay! Migraine easing. And according to the git manual:

    If false, the executable bit differences between the index and the
    working copy are ignored; useful on broken filesystems like FAT.
    See git-update-index(1). True by default.

And there you have it 🙂 Pretty straight forward, and saved me from having to buy more headache pills 🙂

Windows 7 WGA Scare


Booted up my laptop this morning as normal and got a bit of a scare when the built-in Windows Genuine Advantage software started telling me that it was no longer valid, and that I was a victim of software counterfeiting. After a bit of panicking about whether I could get to my code etc. the tool they made me use was quite friendly and had me back and running after a couple of reboots. Needless to say, I promptly backed up all of my code to the SVN repositories haha! And yes, my Windows 7 is perfectly legitimate 🙂 I figure one of the Windows Updates must have triggered something to reset the data in my activation. Crisis averted, back to work 🙂

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