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Reversi Magic 3.0 Released On All App Stores


After a long time of not being active on the App Stores, our game Reversi Magic has finally been updated and launched on all three mobile app stores – Google Play, Apple App Store and Amazon App Store. Links to get the latest versions of the game can be found here –

This major update has been a long time in the works, with lots of changes to the game & engine to make it fully compatible with the most up-to-date Android and Apple devices. The following is a small list of the more important features that have been added or changed in the game:

  • Improved loading times by removing all unnecessary data files no longer needed by older devices.
  • While playing the game, the grid can be rotated 90 degrees at any time by pressing the Rotate button. Some players prefer to orient the board differently during play to see certain moves better, so this feature is handy. The board can be rotated as many times as you want.
  • When a player is unable to place a move in the current game, a notification is now given on the screen telling you so. Previously, the game would just skip the player’s turn without any notification and this has caused many people to believe the game is “cheating”. We can assure you that the game has never cheated, but this new feature should help to alleviate any concerns that anyone might have. Future changes are also coming that will allow you to verify this behavior.
  • Better internal bookkeeping for statistics (this will be replaced in a future update, see below for more information)
  • Lots of other minor tweaks and fixes to the gameplay code to improve the overall playing experience.

The following is a list of some features that are planned for future updates:

  • A new statistics system is in development that will store all playing information in our database. This will allow you to see your playing history, and also allow you to see how well you compare to other players around the world. More details will be available in the future about this feature and we will be looking for beta testers to help us test it out.
  • Online Player Support is also coming in the future with the above statistics system in place. This will allow you to play against other players around the world, and also allow you to play against your friends. We are still working out the details on the best way to implement this feature, but we will be looking for beta testers to help us test it out once we reach the beta stages. One such topic we are debating is how best to handle players in different timezones, and instead of making play modes realtime, they would be turn based so that a player could maybe play a handful of games at a time, and come back to them as the opponent has made their turn. This would allow players to play at their own pace, and not have to worry about being online at the same time as their opponent.
  • Tournament Rules & Scoring – The game will implement full tournament rules and scoring methods so that all recorded scores are equal and fair to all players. We will also implement tournament games of our own at certain time periods when we have implemented some of the other systems.
  • We have already began adding support for Leaderboards and Achievements to the game for a wide variety of challenges, for the devices that support them. Compete for the highest leaderboard scores and score points for completing certain activities within the game.
  • Improved Harder Difficulty – As with any strategy game like this, keeping the logic current and up to date will always be a challenge and we are working on an improved difficulty level to make the game more challenging & appealing to our more experienced players out there. We enjoy hearing from you, and we thank those who have already reached out to us with helpful tips, suggestions and technical documents to continually improve the computer player.
  • End-Game Review system – This is mostly completed already in the current build, and was taken out at the last minute due to a few problems that we will fix in the next update. This will allow you to review the game turn by turn, see where both yourself and the computer placed moves, where player stalemates occured (when the player couldn’t place a move) and every other detail of the game. This will also allow you to verify that the computer player is not cheating, and that it is playing a fair game. We cannot stress enough that the game has never cheated in any version release.

We hope that you enjoy playing the game as much as we have spent working on it. Please feel free to reach out to us with any comments, concerns or other feedback, and please consider leaving a review on the app store of your choice. We look forward to hearing from you!

So Just How Much Shit Did Steve Jobs Spout At His Press Conference? Quite A Lot Apparently!!


After watching the live-blog from several websites regarding the iPhone 4 “Antennagate” issue from this Friday, I was just so shocked about what happened that I had to sit and mull my thought for a few days before I could really think about it, and comment on anything properly. I mean, not many people could transform a huge fiasco of what was actually happening with the iPhone 4, into a complete diversion from the initial problem at hand. Instead of admitting the iPhone 4 has a major problem, it was played down as nothing different than every other phone, and even though there was no problem we’ll give you a free case anyways.

What started out as a simple “touch of death” of the phone, turned into a huge “Killer Grip” presentation where Jobs initially started diverting the blame from his phone, by showing still images from other phones and manufacturers having “similar” issues. These stills showed the phones being cupped by someones hands, and pictures of the antenna strength declining. Let’s not remember, that the iPhone can die with just the slight touch of your little pinky finger on the two lines; And cell phone 101 – You cover up enough of your phone, or certain key areas of the phone, you will begin to lose some of its reception. This claim was seriously overrated on Jobs presentation to the point where it was just ludicrous.

To throw in a bit of a bump, Jobs did state that he would give all iPhone 4 owners a free case if they wanted one, and those who had already bought one a refund. Mind you, that did only apply to the Apple official bumpers, and no refunds for anyone who bought a 3rd party case. To add another insult, the free case offer is only open till September 30th where they will “re-evaluate the situation” and decide if free cases are still warranted. Personally, if they are going to do the “We’ll hide the problem and just give you a free case” then it should be shipped with one. This mediocre solution however, still doesn’t fix the underlying issue.

The Q &A session at the end of the press conference was a classic. Steve Jobs returned to his original dick self as was apparent in the 90’s (and almost bankrupted Apple a couple of times) by denying any issue, being smart with reporters and not clarifying anything much more than what he had actually said. He was even fighting back at one reporter who had asked about the software update Apple has been praying will fix their problems (but everyone knows it wont) by denying that the signal issue was even there to begin with. The answer was something like “This” issue you speak of has just been explained in the last hour. So, what turned out to be a big hope for Apple (in terms of fixing the signal bars) has become a nothing now, as I guess they figured out everyone got smart at the real problem – noise interference in the atenna assembly.

The press conference itself was nothing more than smoke and mirrors. What really really made my day though was reading the response from Consumer Reports. We all know the only reason that they hosted this press conference was because of CR’s refusal to recommend the iPhone 4 in any way to its customers, as well as the other public figures and corporations who wanted a response from Apple. Well, Apple just assumed that a free case and denial of the issue was sufficient. CR’s response said that Apple was making “A great start to fixing the problem by offering a free bumber case” and that it still won’t recommend the phone. Brilliant! Some of the big corporations finally standing up to Apple!!

After the conference, of course everyone started writing their own things on what they fought. Its funny watching people write about how Apple has done everything correctly, and that consumers should get over it blah blah blah. I’m sorry, but if you release a product with a major flaw that only 0.55% of people called Apple about (lets remember, called Apple, this isn’t including going to the Apple stores, complaining about it on the web, or the millions of people who just think its a bad reception area) and you try to pretend the problem doesn’t exist, it is not OK in my books.

Jobs also has the manufacturers of the phones listed in his presentation in an uproar too, to the point where HTC officially posted numbers of their complaints versus Apple’s – the iPhone 4 had 35x as many complaints about reception quality versus HTC. thats a LOT of complaints! Some of the other guys are thinking of suing for defamation (which I think that they should!).

Personally, I think Jobs should have done a lot more at the press release. Giving away a free bumper was only the beginning. He should have admitted fully that there was a major issue and not try to deny that it occurs to everyone else. That is just completely petty and selfish. While it was apparent that Jobs was clearly aggravated, and that everyone should just accept it, he should have offered a better long time solution. Maybe not a direct recall, but a chance to replace it for a newer model later at no cost. You have to remember, as much as I would like for Apple to recall the phone, they still need to create a solution to the problem. Until they design/build it, then they wont recall. My thoughts on that are that the white iPhone will be almost immune to the problem (because of the white paint/covering on the antenna) so maybe that would be a better way to go.

Apple knew of this problem a long time ago and went well out of their way to skip the Q&A to detect it very early. Its also wierd that this is the first time Apple have produced a phone case, and my guess is they knew that they would have to give one away (because they knew their antenna was flawed) so rather than paying a lot of money to a 3rd party supplier like Belkin, they’d eat the 30c per bumber and profit by selling them at $30 each.

Well done, Apple. you have completely lowered yourself even deeper into the shithole 🙂 Nice way to treat your millions of loyal customers by denying their problems exist! Here is hoping that Android buries you into the ground! Oh wait, they did!!! Imma let you finish n’ all, but they activated 3.5 million Android phones (Activated is not the same as Sold, as they sold MANY more im sure!!) in the same 22 days you SOLD 3 million phones! Toodles!!

Apple To Make Announcements Regarding iPhone 4 Today At 1pm EST


apple are slated to make a big press conference today at 1pm regarding the iPhone 4, and it’s probbably safe to say at this point that 99% of the conversation will be in regards to the antenna/signal quailty issues that have plagued the phone since it was first released.

For those people who have been living under a rock, within a couple of hours of the first new iPhone being sold, many people started complaining about how the signal would drop to nothing when the phone was held in certain ways, and unfortunately for those people who are left handed it was just about all of the time. If you so much as touch one spot on the phone’s external antenna even in the slightest, your bars would go spiralling down to no signal within a very short time.

Apple have been trying to diffuse the issue with several tactics. Firstly, they ignored their users and Steve Jobs even told people himself that they should hold the phone differently. Hardly a solution and definitely not something I would have expected a CEO to say. After that fiasco, they came out with some horrible horse shit about how the signal bar strength formula for their entire iPhone line has been horribly wrong, and showing bars that are more than there should be. Thats nice, but it doesn’t seem to help with this problem in the least, as many MANY tech blogs have pointed out, however it doesnt seem to want to stop Apple from proclaiming that they have a great fix! We all know it’s a pile of shit, Apple, so don’t waste your time pretending it is! You might make the bar signal more accurate, but you still have a major hardware defect to contend with.

After Consumer Reports refused to give the iPhone a “We reccomend This” status, and everyone else started chiming in, the big consensus of people have been pushing for a recall of the iPhone. Personally, I think this is what should happen (and replaced with a redesigned antenna) however knowing Apple, they’ll probbably just give everyone a free bumber case so as not to touch the phone itself. Wankers 🙂

Well, let’s see what they have to say…

Pulse iPad App Gets Steve Jobs’s Praise in Morning…Then Booted From App Store Hours Later After NYT Complains About It


A screenshot of the sleek interfaced used by Pulse

OK, there are some things that Apple do which are just stupid. There are many other things that they do which I can never really understand. This is an example of one of those things.

Yesterday morning, the pair of Stanford University graduate students who made the hot news-reading iPad app, Pulse News Reader, were ecstatic to be mentioned first–for being among the most promising developers for the new tablet device–by Apple CEO Steve Jobs in his keynote speech at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

But by the afternoon, that flush of entrepreneurial success had turned sour, after Apple (AAPL) informed the two that Pulse was being pulled from the App Store after it received a written notice from the New York Times Company (NYT) declaring that “The New York Times Company believes your application named ‘Pulse News Reader’ infringes The New York Times Company’s rights.”

In an unusual coincidence, the Times Web site was on prominent display on a huge screenshot of the iPad during Jobs’s speech.

Ironically, the Times wrote a big wet kiss about Pulse last week in a blog post titled “The iPad Pulse Reader Scales the Charts,” by tech writer Brad Stone.

“Pulse is a stylish and easy-to-use news aggregator,” wrote Stone. “News organizations still puzzling over their iPad strategies can perhaps derive some hope from Pulse’s success–or at least its price tag.”

Im thinking here that the NYT doesn’t understand trully what an RSS feed is, especially as if you were to visit the newspaper website itself, you would be presented with the same content. Needless to say after this, the developers will pull the publicly available NY Times feed and re-release the app without it. The only loser here is the NY Times, who now lose thousands and thousands of daily website visits, advert placements, and many regular readers. It wouldn’t be surprising if they go after other popular apps who utilize the same system.

While Apple have to comply with the requests of the times, its still a bit stupid on their part to do this after it has just been catapulted to the limelight by the very guy who owns Apple. Hopefully, this will all be rectified soon 🙂

Getting Tired Of iTunes Resetting My iPod!


I have an iPod Classic 120Gb and since the last couple of iTunes updates, I have been having problems with the thing synchronizing properly. even after reformatting (and upgrading to Windows 7) my iTunes likes to declare that my iPod (which worked perfectly in the car and at work all day) is corrupt and needs to be restored. Bastards!

The really annoying part of this is the amount of music I usually keep on it. Not only do I keep a backup of CVGM on the device, but also my own playlists and songs that I normally get my groove on with. Presently, this collection is quite limited as i’m tired of having to re-copy everything. At present, there are 7,860 songs (32gb) on the device, which takes AGES to restore every time it breaks. The first time it did this, I had close to 14,000 songs on it. Restoring this over the network is a big pain.

Seems to crap out every other sync on average, which is really annoying. With everything else going on with Apple in the news right now, I have pretty much decided that I will not buy another Apple product again, especially as this seems to happen to a few friends iPhones too. Unless Apple produce something that truly impresses me (the iPad was a complete waste of time for what it does) then I shall remain without any new Apple products.

My advice to Apple – fix your existing shit first, before flooding the world with more useless shit that still doesn’t work right!

I should also add that I have looked into using RockBox, but because my 120Gb is newer than their last supported version, they are unable to make it work at all. That really sucks.

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