Hello there! My name is Andy and this is my blog page. I have been a programmer since I was a wee kid, and will probably always remain that way. I started programming on the Sinclair Spectrum when I was 7 years old, and progressed upwards since then to the C64, Amiga, PC and lots of other platforms and systems in between.

Im currently an active member of the demoscene group Brainstorm, where I was a programmer working on a couple of different projects for them (some of them have been documented here). For my full time job, I work on a lot of different things including programming, and have made some pretty cool programs that allow you to bend semi rigid cables for mass production.

Eventually I will put more info on this page, im not really sure what I need to put here yet 🙂

If ou would like to contact me, you can reach me via email at andy [at] andkellett [dot] com. Please enjoy the site and feel free to let me know if it needs something!

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