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New Server Upgrade Almost Ready!


This is the new Dell PowerEdge 2950 server that will be used on the website. It’s packing a nice dual quad-core 3.16Ghz CPU, 16gb of ram, and VMWare to make management and repairs easier and better. The current server only has 2GB of ram, and a very ancient quad-core 2.1Ghz cpu (one of the first Xeon quad core CPU’s released). We are still adding some bits to it, saving up our spare change and buying them as we can.

In the next few weeks, this bad boy will be shipped off to the datacenter and installed in it’s rack, so the site can receive a much-needed upgrade.

If you want to check out CVGM and listen to some great oldskool computer game music, check out  Thanks!

New Desk Pretty Much Set Up!


The new desk is almost fully ready, I still have a few power lines left to run, and there are a few other things I need to arrange. The desk itself came from Ikea and is much larger than my old desk, giving me the room to spread out more, and even hook up my old computers all in the same area 🙂

See how many computers you can find 🙂 The rack behind the desk (the far left of the picture) has approximately 7 more computers on it too 🙂

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