Repairing A Badly Damaged Schleuniger PowerStrip 9500 Machine – Can We Save It?


I recently came into possession of a new (used) Schleuniger 9500 PowerStrip machine that my company purchased for a good price online. It needs a bit of love and attention, but will be a challenging project to return to it’s glory. See the pictures below – I have added comments to them where necessary.

As you can see, it’s very dirty. One of the biggest problems I see so far is that someone has started to take this thing apart, and just quickly threw a couple of bolts together to barely hold it together. Even the computer in the display got the dismantle treatment and the screws and nuts were just thrown in a bag, along with some nice big fingerprints on the LCD :/ Lots of damage to the transports, the fans are broken, someone has cut wires in the power supply to do something of their own with the fans (and I think they tried to bypass the safety interlock at the same time theyy were looking for lines to power said fans) and lots of other hidden gems.

Other things to notice are the damage to all of the transport pulleys, the aluminium is really messed up too. The Power supply is not screwed in (its kinda flopping around in there), fans are broken, the front of the machine is cracked and the shelf on the bottom of the machine is completely bent up. The Right transport has a bearing issue, not surprising as it’s been beaten to death with a hammer (see the pictures if you don’t believe me!). I’ll have to completely remove that unit as I can’t tell if its salvageable, the might have lost too many pieces already. One thing is for sure, it doesn’t work or look right!

This should be a fun project to start working on! I will try to post updates as I progress on this. Feel free to leave any questions or comments! Enjoy!

Front of the Machine

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A little bit worse for wear hehe. Definitely got my work cut out for me on this project for sure.

[SOLD] For Sale: Schleuniger CS9100 & CA9170 Coax Stripper


See Pictures Below. I have for sale, a Schleuniger CS9100 Cut & Strip Machine w/CA9170 Stripper. The item is currently listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace and can be viewed at Good condition, turns on and appears fine. No Prefeeder, but is compatible with most standard Schleuniger prefeeders. Reasonable offers accepted. Pick-up only is preferred, only as the unit is quite heavy.

In addition to the unit, the following extra tools & items are included:
1x Diamond Coated Feeder Wheel
1x Knurled Wheel
1x Grooved Feeding Wheel
1x Set of new Urethane Feed Rollers
Guide Tubes – Sizes 3mm through 8mm
2x Sets of V Blades
CA9170 Coaxial Stripping Unit & Inkjet Printer Interface
Robotics Interface
Misc. cables for connecting the components

Local pick-up from Schwenksville, PA only. Feel free to email me at fishguy8765 <at>, or leave a comment here, and ask questions. Sold as-is. Thanks.

New Schleuniger MegaStrip 9650!


Schleuniger MegaStrip 9650 My company has been lucky enough to purchase a brand new Schleuniger MegaStrip 9650 & PreFeeder machine. This beauty has the rotary incision box, and I have it set up and configured to work with Cayman software.

I was travelling to Europe last month as part of work, and was lucky enough to go to the Schleuniger facility in Thun, Switzerland for two days to do some testing on this machine before we purchased it. I toured the facility, met some of the engineers who designed and made their products, and learned a great deal. As always, Schleuniger were excellent hosts, thanks a lot guys 🙂

This machine will be used primarily to cut corrugated copper cables, about 16mm thick. The Cayman software will be configured with the various different connectors we use on our cables, then the lengths can be tweaked in later. It’s always nice to get a late christmas present, and i’m going to have a lot of fun working with this machine 🙂

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