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This page lists some of the work I did on my time on the Amiga, both old and new 🙂 During my years on the Amiga, I had lots of fun, met some great people, partied hard and stayed up late many nights writing code 🙂

My time on the Amiga began somewhere between 1989-1990 when a friend of mine got hold of an Amiga 500. After playing some games and thinking it was pretty cool, he showed me the Red Sector Megademo and a couple of others, and I was hooked for life.

My first Amiga was an Amiga 600, my mum was able to get me one for christmas after she had seen me using everyone else’s for a while. I was probably on my 4th/5th spectrum and my 2nd C64 machine. I can remember after getting it for a while, I didnt do any programming on it for quite some time. I think it was because I still had this mindset that it was not as great as I had thought 🙂 Anyways, a few friends of mine had gotten me back onto it again, as they had been using a tool called AMOS to do a few things and needed help with it. Being I was a coder, they assumed I could help out. And so it began 🙂 Despite all the heat AMOS took over it’s life on the Amiga, it was really good for doing quick stuff. I used AMOS a lot on the Amiga, most of my work was done with it until I started to use SAS/C (and then eventually StormC) for various ports & projects.

On August 12th, 1999 I purchased F1/5D Licenseware from the then-owner Phil Wilkinson. This included all smaller sub-companies from it etc. During that time, I was running under my own comapny ‘Mushroom Software’ and it was great to be able to merge all my software libraries together into one large one. At the time I bought F1/5D, I had been a distributor of the software in the US for a couple of years and it was going well for the most part. I would travel to many of the Amiga shows around the country, and it was the first experiences for me living and travelling in America.

During those classic Amiga days I got in touch with many great people. One of those is Paul Burkey, who I still regularly work with today 🙂 I worked on several Amiga projects with Paul in various different areas such as testing, coding, gfx etc. including Simon The Sorcerer, Foundation etc. I also assisted on many of his Epic Interactive/Runesoft projects until I was eventually hired by them as an official programmer. During my time (2004 and 2005) at Epic Interactive I worked on ports to MorphOS/Mac/Linux of games such as Barkanoid 2, Airline Tycoon Deluxe, Robin Hood, Knights & Merchants, Software Tycoon and a bunch more. Unfortunately I had to leave them when I was going through some very hard times in my life, and I think Thomas for understanding 🙂

I still use my Amiga’s for various things. I have an A1200 that I still use from time to time, and also a Pegasos II system. Hoping to upgrade to Amiga OS 4.1 soon, and possibly get back into writing some new games.

Noteable Amiga Project Pages (I’ll add more as I write up the information)

Extreme AMOS Issue 3 – A Disk Magazine I was heavily involved with, aimed more at AMOS Programmers.

My Other Amiga Involvements:
F1 Licenseware / 5th Dimension Licenseware – The largest Amiga Licenseware Library Ever

More to come!

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