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In addition to the Bender machines, I also maintain, repair and calibrate many different pieces of equipment. The company I work for happens to have a large amount of Schleuniger machinery that needs constant maintenance. I regularly work on SR-1000, SR9500, CS5500, MP257, and MP8015 machines. As I take interesting pictures of the machines or document their repairs, I will add them to this section for others to follow. If you have any questions, feel free to ask 🙂


  • zagyex (4 years)

    Hey Andy, glad to find this post. What is your opinion on buying a used MP257? Is it true that the electronics / IC is not serviceable?

  • Carlos Garcia Salas (5 years)

    I am requiring immediate help to fix /repair calibrate 3 SR/1000…How do i contact this guy?

    • FishGuy876 (5 years)

      Hi Carlos, for immediate help with fixing and calibrating these you should contact Schleuniger directly at TechSupport [at], or by telephone at 1-877-902-1470. Basic support is free and they will be the best people to reach out to. Thanks!

  • Stacey (8 years)

    Does anyone have a manual for the MP 257? I’m trying to change the blades and would like to know if the process is the same as the Coaxstrip 5300, any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Stacey.

    • FishGuy876 (7 years)

      Hi Stacey,

      Send me an email to fishguy8765 [at] gmail dot com and I can get you the MP257 manual. Thanks!

  • A.R. (9 years)

    Good Morning
    You can help me on a SCHLEUNIGER MP 8015?

  • Marianne (10 years)

    Who has MP257’s. Write to Marianne

  • Marianne (11 years)

    We are still looking for an MP 257 or better. Thanks, Marianne

  • Marianne (11 years)

    We continue looking for an MP 257 coax stripper or equivalent. Thanks, Marianne:

  • Marianne (11 years)

    Any MP 257 [or equivalent coax stripper] for sale? Thanks, Marianne.

  • bigpeach (11 years)

    Any interest in a couple of wire strippers, Schleuniger Power strip 9500 and an MP-8015

    • Ken (11 years)

      Big Peach

      I am interested in your PS9500 and maybe MP8015

      • Greg (10 years)

        I have PS9500, PF2000, MP257s, JS8300s, CS9100, CP1250s, OC3950s, UC3750s, Kappa 230,

    • FishGuy876 (11 years)


      I might be interested in some, I have sent you an email for more information. Thanks.

    • Jeff Brownlee (10 years)

      are these still available? please advise asap

    • Kenny (10 years)

      Big Peach,
      I am currently rebuilding 3 MP8015 machines all come with a complete 1 year warranty. I am also in the process of rebuilding a PS9500 and a PS9500RS

  • kevin (11 years)

    Hi Andy,

    Are you able to fix schleuniger HC 207 units?


    • FishGuy876 (11 years)


      Unfortunately, I don’t fix these directly. Perhaps Schleuniger can still fix this for you?

  • Dr. Myers (11 years)

    I am looking for 1 or 2 working MP257

    • Ken (11 years)

      Hi Dr. Meyers,

      I have a completely refurbished MP257 in almost new condition for sale.

  • Ken (11 years)

    Hi Anita,

    I have a completely refurbished MP257. In excellent condition.

  • Ricardo Lopez (12 years)

    Hey fishguy i was hoping you could send me a copy of your sr-1000 key pointing blade alignment tool drawing, if possible. We have two SR1000′s that these would come in handy for quick adjustments..

    Thank you in advance.

  • Dave Curtis (12 years)

    Hey Brother, I am in awe as to the extent of your knowledge and alignment fixturing relating to the serviceing of Schleuniger equipment. Our company owns 2 SR-1000s. We have a manual, and a few of the basic tools it calls-out for replacing blades, but I had no idea! Anyway, if ever you have an SR-1000 for sale we would give it a good home and little squirming over price. Also if you provide servicing of these should we ever need it. Please let me know.


  • Kenny (13 years)

    You guys might want to look at the Nitronic ST730 equipment. Also the ST215 for small wires up to 46awg it does a super job. No nicks on the conductor or flags / tails left on insulation.

  • Kenny (13 years)

    Wow, I wish I found you guys earlier. I just unloaded my my last MP8015. I have 3 more coming in soon though. a couple 9400 machines 8 MP257s rebuilding and SR1000 and some old 207 machines for customers.

  • FishGuy876 (13 years)


    At this point I have no 8015’s to sell, and wouldn’t mind trying to find a few extra to buy myself 🙂 Thanks!

    • Ken (11 years)

      I just put up for sale a Schleuniger MP8015 machine, completely rebuilt by the Original Manufacturer (Nitronic AG). Comes with a complete 1 year warranty.

    • bigpeach (11 years)

      Interested in one of these at the moment?

  • statara (13 years)

    Dear All,

    Our comapny is looking for used but still working schleuniger MP8015 if price is resonable. Please let me know if you are interested?

    • ken (12 years)

      I have an MP8015 completely refurbished to almost brand new condition. Comes complete with a 1 year warranty

    • bigpeach (11 years)

      Are you still looking for any of these after 2 years ??

  • FishGuy876 (13 years)

    I currently have 2 of these machines that we rarely use at this time, so at this point we are not looking to buy another. Thanks!

  • Jason Pollard (13 years)

    i have a schleuniger MP257 that i am selling would you be interested in this i can supply full details of the machine in great working order.

    feel free to email me back

    • Anita (11 years)

      Hi Jason,
      I’m looking for an MP257 for a university lab. Would you email me back?

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