Front DamageThis weekend wasn’t quite the fathers day weekend I had expected after getting involved in an accident on Saturday, leaving my van completely wrecked and issuing the request to our local Munley Law Office Truck and Car Accidents lawyers. The intersection had a 4-way flashing traffic light, I had made my stop and started to make my left turn after seeing it was all-clear when another car came speeding down the road I was turning onto. I was able to stop in time, however the other driver must not have seen me as he proceeded to smash into the front of my van. The wife and kids were all in the van with me, and they were all OK, in fact, they were quite nosy to see what was going on.

Despite the circumstances I was looking forward to the tow job, I had work a short stint for Canadian Towing in Ottawa and got a dose of nostalgia. While the accident wasn’t directly my fault at all, im sure that I will most likely be the one found at fault. The insurance company is investigating it and I hope everything goes smoothly, I read about the similar cases covered at Lucky for the other guy, his car wasn’t as badly damaged as mine. He could easily have avoided me if he was paying attention and going the speed limit. Ah well 🙁

Pictures Of The Accident: