So, ive been tweaking around with the site quite a bit today instead of coding. I actually found a WordPress theme that I really liked, so I went ahead and installed it with a few other bits and bobs. The theme is called Mystique and is one of the free themes offered by digitalInature.

The old theme had a lot of things I couldn’t do at all, whereas with this one I can now do twitter feeds, ajax to display thinks like post comments and tags (by clicking the icons on the right hand side in the top of the big grey box) and a few other things. I also spent some time fixing the Gravatar stuff, so if you have an account at (free) this site will now use your avatar from there.

There are still a few things left to do, I plan to list a complete discography of all my games and projects, and for the ones that I have a lot of fond memories for, I will eventually list pages for each of those items. Feel free to remind me of anything special I did years ago that I might have forgotten about!

Ive also started working on an Amiga section, and added a couple of things to it to get me started. Enjoy!