Our thoughts & prayers go out to those people in Japan who have been affected by the huge earthquake and giant Tsunami floods. After watching the events of Friday unfold in front of my eyes on the BBC live coverage, the swift speed of the floods and the damage that they caused is just mind-blowing. I am hoping the country can get back on it’s feet very soon.

Many charities and organizations around the world are setting up donation pages. Don’t be scammed! Unfortunately, the world is full of people who are willing to take advantage of people wishing to help others in such a time of crisis. If making a donation, be sure you know about the charity first (we¬†recommend¬†the Red Cross or World Vision charities).

Japan has a lot of work to do yet; They are still facing more widespread problems with their nuclear reactors becoming unstable, many people are yet to be found and there are millions of homes that need to be rebuilt. The world should unite at times like this to help those desperately in need.